Inspired by the year 2020, this year’s theme Design With Vision examines various facets of “vision,” including how vision and visualization shapes a project, architectural practice, and the role of architecture in the community. As our physical and social environment has undergone radical changes in recent months, the importance of having a vision has become more evident. Share in the vision of our speakers, participate in follow up discussions, learn about the technology, infrastructure, ideology and administration that contribute to the making of architecture.

The Sarasota Design Conference organized by the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Institute of Architects is a design-oriented conference held in Sarasota, Florida. The first Sarasota Design Conference was organized in 1988 with speakers Antoine Predock and Peter Eisenman. There were two other conferences until 2002, when it became a regular biennial event, attracting award-winning speakers from around the world.

The Conference aims to be motivational for both speakers and attendees. It has a history of featuring design-innovative speakers, both established and up-and-coming, who interact with guests in a casual setting, cultivating dialogue and learning.


JONATHAN GLANCEY - Architectural Critic

JONATHAN SMITH, AIA - Lake I Flato Architects

TAKASHI FUJINO - Ikimono Architects


SHAJAY BHOOSHAN - Zaha Hadid Architects

ROZANA MONTIEL - Estudio de Arquitectura

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